Mar 18 2006
IceFriend finally came back from his long abstinence and brought a bright new map with him! You can find it in the map section. Thanks for the great work!
Mar 15 2006
After the last announcement some of our members decided to leave the clan. Let's things settle and we'll find out soon enough who's still left in xDMx. The members-list will not be updated until then.
Mar 01 2006
Sad things have to be announced:

Due to an altercation of our very good friends, VAB and Furie, two members of the very first minute, the roots of Clan Dark Matter have been shaken to the core.
Furie has been removed from the memberslist.

Further information are available here. Shocked and unable to help we can only hope that time brings us back the friendly peace we had all the years before...
Feb 10 2006
Fresh Blood. We are very happy to welcome two more friends of Dark Matter into the fold...
Bonz and Kitty!
Feb 04 2006
Dragons just finished his new Fanfare Pack and its already available in the download section!
Jan 18 2006
Fresh Blood. We are very pleased to welcome our friend Casimir to Dark Matter.
Jan 01 2006
Happy new year! Let's have fun in 2oo6.
Dec 18 2005
More fresh blood! Please welcome Etho into our ranks.
Nov 10 2005
Three new maps made by Silver are available in the map section now. Thanks and keep up the good work!
Nov 08 2005
Fresh Blood. We are pleased to introduce our newest member... Silver
Oct 17 2005
I finally uploaded some new maps. Five of them were made by Djoszee, thanks for the great work! And Dimitris strikes back with a cool retro-style black and white map. Check them all out in the map section!
Sep 22 2005
Exactly two years ago Kilgore put a lot of work into this site. He redesigned and recoded everything in PHP, set up the member-profiles and created a very nice map section. Thanks mate, and happy birthday!
Jul 12 2005
No news = good news? Most of you will have recognized that it had become a little quiet on Teamspeak, MSN and Worms in general. Some of our clanmates started playing Call of Duty, some are having computer-problems, some are very busy with school or university and the rest just takes a break. But there's still some activity every now and then and i'm always happy to play a game against one of you, my friends :) Meanwhile i found two nice new maps made by Dimitris and Djoszee and PigL3t made a new soundbank from the motion picture "Full Metal Jacket".
Jun 01 2005
Fresh Blood. Welcome to our newest member... Dragons
May 20 2005
Some more updates: The first map made by Partack and a new soundbank made by PigL3t has been added. Also the link-section got some more links like the new home of IceFriend.
May 13 2005
Two more maps made by IceFriend are available now and everybodys Xfire miniprofile (if existent) has been added to the memberprofil.
Apr 28 2005
Fresh Blood. Say hello to our newest recruit... Lynx
Apr 14 2005
New maps are available in the map section. Thanks goes to Kilgore and FuRi3, Djoszee and especially to Legend, who made his first map for DM ;)
Mar 18 2005
Fresh Blood. A hearty welcome to our old friend and newest member...Plutonic
Mar 08 2005
EvilBunny presents another lovely little intro hack for W:A...
The SpiderWorm Intro.
Mar 03 2005
BlueThunder writes...
I didn't realize CriM was so unhappy with the clan of "fucked up 5 yr olds." So I'll do him and the clan a favor and say adios/goodbye/good riddance. Hope you can find what you are looking for AND your bottle of meds... BUH BYE!
Mar 02 2005
More content to download! You'll find new maps by Dimitris and Djoszee in the map section and new soundbanks from DarkFOOT in the download section.
Mar 01 2005
Check out this great little hack for W:A by our very own EvilBunny: the Lightsider Intro. Just extract the zip into your worms folder for a cool custom intro.
Feb 25 2005
Fresh Blood. Give a warm welcome to our newest (and oldest ;) member...DarkFOOT
Feb 12 2005
Great new maps by Djoszee, IceFriend and XPS added to the map section.
Jan 31 2005
Lots of fixes and updates to the site today, including a listing of the the most recent files on the maps page.
Jan 30 2005
A couple of great new maps arrived in the map-section. Don't miss to check them out!
Jan 11 2005
Fresh Blood. We are pleased to introduce our newest member... Solido
Jan 10 2005
A couple of sweet new w2w maps from Djoszee and Garg0yle have been added.
Jan 09 2005
You should definately check out IceFriend's new maps. You can find them here.
Jan 05 2005
Fresh Blood. Say hello to our newest recruits... Lemon and Sega
Jan 01 2005
There are great new maps available in the map section. Thanks goes to Djoszee, XPS and Garg0yle.

Happy new year, H03s!
Dec 21 2004
Fresh Blood. Let's have a warm welcome to our newest member... Psycho
Nov 25 2004
Nov 20 2004
Fresh Blood. We are pleased to welcome our newest recruit... Garg0yle
Nov 12 2004
I have moved the TeamSpeak Server to our new Domain Controller here at work - this gives it the ability to stay up 24/7 regardless of what I do with my PC - the Domain Controller will always be up and has a 130 lb UPS on it that will power it for nearly an hour in the event of a power loss. Therefore the new IP address will be Please start using the new IP address immediately. - BlueThunder
Nov 11 2004
New maps has been added to the map section. Thanks to FuRi3 for his c0ol Fatrix map and XPS, who somehow mutated to a map-making-machine... good work!
Oct 22 2004
Fresh Blood. The Dark Matter family grows again. Welcome to our newest member... Partack
Oct 16 2004
I'm sorry to say that i've booted Asterix, god knows how many time's i've ask him to change his tag... oh well its done... - VAB
Indeed he was asked many a time by VAB, Ful2i3 and I to change his damn tag. He is a hard headed Romanian mofo. :( L8r Asterix... - BlueThunder
Oct 07 2004
For those who are interested: The new patch is out now and will host a 2vs2 shopper tourney (oct. 8th)
Oct 07 2004
After a short break there are finally some more maps available. EvilBunny returned with his StopShoppa and XPS made 3 b/w and 1 funny colorful map!
Sep 12 2004
The map section grows again... due to another triple strike by XPS.
Sep 08 2004
Dimitris made a new map! His ToXiCiTy is a piece of art.
Sep 05 2004
The 'coming soon' in the link section has gone. It's finally been filled up with content.
Sep 02 2004
Fresh Blood. Let's have a warm welcome to VAB's brother... AH1ppy. He's finally on the memberslist.
Sep 01 2004
Three more maps by XPS arrived and have been added to the map section.
Aug 30 2004
XPS strikes back with his new w2w Blackjack Shopper. You can get it here.
Aug 28 2004
Some more Speech Packs are available now in the downloads section.
Aug 27 2004
It happened again... EvilBunny made another great map! Arachnophobe 2 is definitely a must-have.
Aug 21 2004
Improved map preview thumbnails plus another new RopeRace by Djoszee added.
Aug 18 2004
Newest maps made by Djoszee are available now in two new sections - BattleRace and RopeRace.
Aug 18 2004
EvilBunny is on a roll! He made 3 awesome maps this week - they have been added to the map section.
Jul 29 2004
Fresh Blood. Welcome to our newest member... E.C.
Jul 04 2004
Kilgore made a colored version of his evil Module1 map by request - u can get it here.
Jun 29 2004
Five new colour shoppa maps added.
Jun 13 2004
A dozen new colour maps added plus Speech Packs now available in the downloads section!
Jun 01 2004
Welcome to our two newest members - MainFrame and Dimitris
Apr 17 2004
Massive maps update including two brand new sections - Axis vs Allies (our take on capture the flag) and Bow and Arrow!
Apr 13 2004
Best wishes to Anger as she leaves our ranks.
We'll see you again, Ho3.
Mar 29 2004
If i were you i would probably go check out EvilBunny's new shoppa maps
Mar 01 2004
Welcome back to oldschool member Krakenpile after a long absence.
Feb 26 2004
Maps section completely overhauled with powerful new filtering functions AND colour maps for the new W:A patch! CHECK IT!
Feb 16 2004
Our newest members EvilBunny and abZter have been added to the ranks.
Dec 15 2003
New shoppa map - Top To Bottom by PigL3t
Dec 04 2003
New shoppa map by Djoszee - Sax0r FlyShopper
Dec 01 2003
New shoppa map - Fly And Hide by PigL3t
Nov 28 2003
Holy War pack by Kilgore added to the maps section, including scheme and 3 maps - Holy Bowl, Holy Spike, and Holy Waves
Nov 28 2003
New shoppa map added - Side Walk by PigL3t
Nov 21 2003
New arrowbattle scheme and map by LostBoy - Arrow Battle 2003
Nov 21 2003
Two new shoppa maps added - Roundabout by PigL3t and Starworxmxs Six City Remix by Kilgore & FuRi3.
Nov 16 2003
New feature - customizable user pages!
More info in the forum.
Nov 12 2003
Fresh Blood. Welcome to our newest member...
Nov 01 2003
New map - Aqua Shopper 4 by Djoszee
Nov 01 2003
New bombsurfer scheme and map by XPS - Calvin Bombsurfer.
Oct 31 2003
News recoded in php & mysql and online news updater written.
Oct 30 2003
A veritable shitload of new maps! Middle Cross and Kiddies Map by PigL3t & Unnamed Something and Renamed Something as well a Map Pack by Djoszee.
Oct 30 2003
Maps page recoded in php and mysql - more to come.
Oct 22 2003
Fresh Blood. Welcome to our newest member...
Oct 18 2003
Fresh Blood. Welcome to our newest member...
Anger (formerly AngerManagement).
Oct 18 2003
New map by IceFriend: - Golden Age.
Oct 01 2003
Fresh Blood. Welcome to our newest member...
Time (formerly Timelord).
Oct 01 2003
Three new maps! Classic Shit Piler by XPS and Curved Race Shoppa & the colourful Golden Letters by PigL3t.
Sep 28 2003
Fresh Blood. Welcome to our newest member...
Sep 27 2003
Yet another new map by PigL3t added to the map section - Up And Down.
Sep 26 2003
Two more killer maps by PigL3t added to the map section! Cross Way and Double Cube.
Sep 23 2003
Further site updates including new sections for links and downloads - both of which will be filling up with content over the next few days.
Sep 22 2003
Fresh Blood. Welcome to our newest member...
Graft (removed coz of inactivity).
Sep 22 2003
Big site update including a massive upload in the maps section - now with thumbnails!
Sep 22 2003
Fresh Blood. Welcome to our newest member...
XPS (formerly XtremePigShiit).