Worms Related Links
Link Description
The Official Website From T17
Wormtopia 2.0
Solar's Worms Tutorials
Djoszee's Worms Site
W:A Animations and Images
Violator's World
IceFriend's Homepage
Worms Clan Council
Blame The Pixel
Clan League 2000
First Blood - Worms League
StarWORxMxS Shoppa Corna
Worms Map Database

Worms Clans
Link Description
ArcaDe's Clan WcD - We Can't Die
Clan SfX
Clan SoW - Save Our Worms
Clan PiG - Pizza Is Good
Clan WaR - Worms At Rage
Clan UpP - United Pro Players
Clan WWW - Whacky Wild Wormers
Clan FtN - Fuck The Noobs
Clan BkM - Blind Killer Machines
Clan OaP - Old Age Pros
Clan tdc - The Deadly Clan
Clan LoR - Lords Of Rope
Clan CE - Citizen Erased

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